Fattori Bini

The winery, located in Chianti area, in a natural and full of history environment, passed on from generation to generation, is nowadays led by Elena and Francesca Bini Moriani, who continue, year after year, in their meticulous work of renewal of the corporate structure.

The historical site of the farm, today family residence is theTerraio Villa, a five hundred years old villa, with a beautiful garden wich preserves the Italian style. The villa, located in the hills of Monterappoli, is surrounded by vineyards and olive groves of the Fattoria Bini wich produces wine and oil and by Borgo San Giusto, an ideal place for meetings, shows and private receptions.

The villa is surrounded by a beautiful forest of tall trees consisting mainly of oaks. In the woods is not uncommon to find birds of prey flying free: here, indeed, has been hosted for many years a center for recovery of these species in our area, because those had gone as disappearing.

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